Meet the Chokliteers!

Say hello to Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming. They are the Chokliteers and they’re on a mission! All children face challenges as they learn and begin to find their place in the world- it’s part of growing up. The Chokliteers are here to help children through some of those tougher moments and share ideas about how they themselves have overcome similar challenges. Set in the Choklits grounds, this interactive book series serves as fantastic resources for assisting parents and careers in building confidence in their children, particularly in the early learning and educational environment. 

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Meet The Chokliteers Book Cover

Meet the Chokliteers

“Meet the Chokliteers” is the Chokliteers’ very first adventure! From apprehension to excitement, this story follows Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming as they get ready for their respective days and head to Choklits.

When you are young, simple tasks that we as adults view as easy can in fact be really challenging. Getting dressed is a good example. Meeting new people and finding friends even more so. “Meet the Chokliteers” is a fun and interactive way parents and careers can help their children get ready for the early learning environment and become familiar with the Choklits grounds. 

Our front door at Choklits in Ringwood is green, our manager Sue will greet you at the front door when you arrive and our chef Helen will be cooking our meals, and it’s all illustrated in the book! Why? Because familiarity builds confidence. So, we gift everyone who comes to visit us their very own copy to take home and share with their children. 

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The Chokliteers Gardening Adventures

In book two, the Chokliteers’ gardening adventures begin!

We love growing some of our own food in our veggie patches at Choklits. Preparing, planting and caring for fruits and veggies naturally teaches us many of life’s great lessons.

For example, many young children don’t understand the meaning of responsibility, but most quickly comprehend all that it takes to grow seeds into eatable food, especially when the process is fun. And trust us, watering with your friends is a lot of fun!

But, there are also challenges, like weeds and worms, which is exactly where the Chokliteers begin their adventures in this book.

We’ve found that when you use fun and engaging activities to teach, you are far more likely to get children’s attention and they are far more likely to want to be involved.

Our books help take that engagement one step further. With the help of beautiful illustrations and engaging stories, those lessons are now fun to share at home too.

Did you know our Choklits children do some of the meal preparation and cooking too? It’s true! Under the watchful eye of our educators, of course. They even help cut the veggies ready for the kitchen.

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Chokliteers Chesterfield Farm Visit

The Chokliteers Chesterfield Farm Visit

The Chokliteers’ leave the Choklits grounds in book 3 of our series and are off to visit our friends at Chesterfield Farm!

In true Chokliteers style (and, as you have probably already guessed), this is not just an excursion for fun. The Chokliteers have another important message for us all as they turn their attention to sustainability and more that’s good for our planet.

Ned finds trouble again and an unfortunate spill nearly ruins the day, but, working as a team, it’s nothing they can’t handle in the interest of doing good. 

The idea for this book came after our kindergarten class visited Chesterfield Farm. Sustainability forms a large part of our educational program at Choklits so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to build on our practices after we visited the farm. Children at Choklits continue to collect our food scraps and we deliver them to the pigs at the farm each week. When it gets hot we freeze our scraps so our farm friends don’t miss out on their treats. 

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The Chokliteers Space Adventure Cover

The Chokliteers Space Adventure

Blast off with the Chokliteers in their 4th book as they zoom into space! They’re not just flying for fun—they’ve got a mission to learn about planets and stars.

Merinda, Junie, Chan Ming and Ned are all dressed up in their cool spacesuits and ready for a big adventure. They’ve got snacks and excitement packed for their trip to Mars and the moon!

But, oops! Ned finds himself floating in space with a green alien named Goopy. Good thing Junie is quick and gets them back on the spaceship safe and sound.

As they zip by Mars, they see it’s red and learn it’s all because of rusty dust. Jupiter makes them giggle, looking like a giant meatball in the sky, but they can’t visit because it’s full of gas.

After waving goodbye to their new friend Goopy, the Chokliteers head back home. They’ve learned lots about space and even more about being good friends.

At Choklits, the Chokliteers remember their big lessons: working as a team, being kind, and learning new things is what every day is all about. And even after such an exciting day, they’re ready for a good night’s sleep, dreaming of their next big adventure!

Head to our Facebook page and see for yourself, there’s lots more about our programs posted their @choklitsearlylearning

Sue Chokliteers

The Choklits Pillars

The foundation of everything we do at Choklits is built on our five pillars; Growth, Communication, Collaboration, Consistency and Reflection. Our books are too.

At the conclusion of each instalment in this series, you’ll find the relationship between the story and our pillars explained. As you’ll read, Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming are quite the adventurers, but it’s not without thought. They’re always sharing something insightful to ensure our little readers are learning something important.

Dee Wasserfall The Chokliteers

Meet the Chokliteers Team

The Chokliteers were created, written and brought to life by the Choklits Community…

“I’ve grown up loving all things to do with books. My favourites were those with relatable characters and engaging plots. When the Choklits team began talking about creating a series of books, I was thrilled with the opportunity to use my love of words and writing to create our loveable Chokliteers series. I love how the books link so authentically to who we are and what we stand for at Choklits, like the messages about our Choklits Pillars in each book.

My favourite part of publishing the Chokliteer tales has been watching the children recognise and relate to different elements of the books, like the character’s different traits, the playground or recognising the familiar faces of Chef Helen and our much-loved director, Sue. I also loved collaborating with the community, like the talented David Brewer who illustrated Junie, Ned, Chan Ming and Merinda and each magical scene. And of course, the joy of spreading literacy love will always warm my heart!” – Dee Wasserlfall

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